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Geographic Information Systems (GIS): Software

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ArcGIS by ESRI is the industry standard GIS software. It's quite expensive, and so it may not be feasible to purchase the software for at home use, however students of architecture and the built environment will have ArcGIS available on some lab computers.

There is an open source version of ArcGIS called QGIS which makes for an acceptable substitute for ArcGIS if you need to work at home, and projects created on one piece of software will be interoperable on the other.

ARC GIS Training

Lynda produces video training courses with accompanying practice files for ArcGIS and GIS concepts more generally:

GIS On the web course

ARCGIS course

Real world GIS

Up and running with ARCGIS

Other training available on the web includes

GIS Open Courseware at MIT

Harvard GIS tutorials

Entry Level Mapping

For students looking to explore mapping at a more entry level you can explore free online products such as:

Microsoft Power BI
Is a free download for students. It can take postcode or latitude and longitude data and build very nice maps, though it does not do topography or layering.


Batchgeo can take tabular address data and plot it on a map.

Tableau Public

Tableau Public has an inbuilt world map that can link tabular data by the names of cities and countries

Mymaps by Google

This product lets you plot points on a Google map and save it for your own use.

Google Fusion Tables

Google Fusion tables also allows you to map data, creating intensity maps, for instance

Texas Intensity Map