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BCII: Past, Present, Future of Innovation: Books

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Books take longer to publish than newspapers, so the longer your CI has been on the scene, the greater the chance of them having a book dedicated to them. Try looking for books about your CI hero in these places:

  • UTS Library Catalogue - search the Library's collection, including online books and books in the Library Retrieval System
  • Proquest Ebooks - lets you search for words inside the book, rather than a book record, which makes it a more powerful search than the catalogue. Plus every book can be accessed immediately from your computer.
  • BONUS+ - borrow books from academic libraries across Australia and New Zealand
  • Google Books - look inside online books digitised by Google
  • Trove is another way of finding books. You won't get full text here, so instead you use Trove to locate titles and find them in the catalogue.