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BCII: Past, Present, Future of Innovation: News

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If your CI hero is isn't very famous, or only recently began their career as an innovator, it's likely that there won't be any books or journal articles written about them. However, you will still be able to find information about them in newspapers and other news sources. To find information, try searching these resources:

  • Factiva and NewsBank - contain newspaper content going back to the 1990's. Factiva also finds curated blog content. Factiva is bit harder to use but has international content. Newsbank is a bit easier to use but only covers Australian news sources. 
  • Proquest - contains a fairly large collection of magazine articles, which are good for interviews and profiles, some of which wouldn't be available for free online
  • TV News - a database containing Australian TV news and current affairs programs, as well as selected documentaries. More TV can be found at EduTV. These databases go back 5-10 years in time.
  • Google - to find interviews with your CI hero, try Googling their name and 'interview'
  • Reddit - look at the News subreddit for up-to-date news content, and the IAmA subreddit to see if your CI hero has answered user questions
  • If your CI hero is still around, look at their social media! Try and contact them if you can't find something - the worst they can say is no!