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Photography and Situated Media: Books

In this guide:

Books offer high resolution images of photographer's works. They are also a great place to start looking for information, as they provide a big picture view of topics and issues. 

Photography books are on Level 9 in the 770-779 range. Some are held in the Large Book section which is also on Level 9.

Browse the books in the library, or search for books online via the Library Collection at search.lib.uts.edu.au 

Library Level 9 Photography & Large Book section

Search Topics

Search the Library Collection for a topic or issue to find relevant books about it. e.g. Dagguerreotype.

Under the Details section take a look at the Description & Contents to find out what sort of information the book will have before you borrow it. 

Item details description & contents highlighted

Search Photographs

If you're looking for images, search for a photographer's name, e.g. Bill Henson. 

Under the Details section, look at the Format information to find out if the book has images/photographs and what type of images they are. If the book says 'ill.' it means there are images, and 'col.' indicates they are colour images. 

Book details format highlighted