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Photography and Situated Media: Images

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Images in Books

Books offer high resolution images of photographer's works. Search the Library Collection for a photographer's name (e.g. Bill Henson) and check the 'Format' section under the book Details for the words 'ill.' - this indicates that the book contains images (AKA illustrations).

Format section of book Details

Photography books are on Level 9 in the 770-779 range. Some are held in the Large Book section which is also on Level 9. 

Image Databases

ArtStor is a database containing images of artworks  including an expanding collection of photographs. Type in a photographer's name or a subject to search for images in the database. 

Google Arts & Culture is a pretty cool free database of images drawn from galleries and museums worldwide. High quality scans.

Stock Images
These websites are worth a look if you need stock images:
New Old Stock
The Pattern Library - cool patterns!
IM Creator
Startup Stock Photos

For a complete list of Image sources use Find Databases - Images list