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Design Studies: Databases

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For your assignments, you'll need to use high quality information sources. This includes articles from scholarly journals.

Scholarly journal articles are written by and for academics. They usually have extensive reference lists and are peer-reviewed. This means they can demonstrate how the author's ideas have been developed, and they have been through a formal process of review by other academics in the field.  You can usually rely on these as high quality sources for your assignments. You can view video guides about finding and evaluating scholarly information here.

Journal articles can be found in Library databases. Use the Find Databases tool > Design for a listing of top design databases.


ProQuest Arts

A good database to start with is ProQuest Arts. This is a large collection of arts databases and journal indexes. To limit your search to peer-reviewed articles only, select the "Peer-reviewed" box under the search bar.

Check the "peer reviewed" box under the serach bar.

After you search, you can limit your results to scholarly journal articles by selecting the "Scholarly Journals" box on the left hand side of the screen, under "Source Types":

Select "Scholarly Journals" on the right hand side of the screen under "Narrow results > Source Type".

Watch the video below for more search tips for ProQuest Arts.