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Design Studies: Referencing

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What is plagiarism, and how do I avoid it?

Plagiarism means presenting someone else’s work as your own (via text, image, video or any other format) without appropriate acknowledgement of its author or source. This is why refrencing is such an important skill at university. 

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The Library's Harvard UTS Referencing Guide is your key resource for clear and correct referencing while at UTS. It provides clear examples on how to reference all major types of information, including images and artwork.

Assignment tips

  • Start your assignment right with our Assignment Survival Kit. It breaks down the assignment process step-by-step and sends you reminders to help you plan your time and stay on track.
  • Grammarly is software that allows you to paste in a copy of your assignment and get feedback/suggestions about 100 points of grammar, punctuation and style. Access it via the catalogue. You'll need to create an acocunt using your UTS email address.
  • The Study Skills page has more info on writing your assignment, including advice on reflective writing.