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013983 - Learning Academic English

In this guide:

This guide will give you information to support the completion of Task 2 of Learning Academic English.

The elements of the assignment we are going to address:

  • What is scholarly information
  • Unpacking your assignment
  • Finding articles
  • Evaluating information
  • APA referencing

What is scholarly information?


Unpacking your question

The first step to discovering articles about a topic is to fully understand the topic you are searching for. The best way of doing this is to break down your topic into key concepts.

The topic of the article you're searching for is: Environmental education in English language teaching (ESL or EFL).

We break down that topic into key concepts, then identify synonyms for each of those concepts. Below is an example of some keywords that could be used. This is not an exhaustive list.

Environmental English language Teaching
environmentalism ESL education
green English as a second language training
ecological EFL textbooks*
nature English as a foreign language coursebooks*
Preservation   curriculum*

*these terms are more specific and can help focus your search on particular aspects of teaching

Every time you search, you should analyse your search results and see if there's other terms that you can use that you haven't thought of yet.