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Curriculum Collection Resources: Kits

In this guide:

The kits in the library Curriculum Collection contain a range of resources for teaching activities such as storytelling, sport, music and classroom games. 

To find a Curriculum Collection kit, use the Advanced Search and: 

  1. Select Library Catalogue as your search area 
  2. On the first line, select Subject in the first drop-down box, then enter Educational toys in the search field
  3. On the second line, select NOT in the first drop-down box, then enter Puppets
  4. Click Search

    kit query search

  5. Refine your results by selecting Held by library, Realia, and Kits in the filters on the left-hand side, then click Apply Filters.
    Filtering Realia Kits and Held by library 

 Hint: If you are looking for a kit on a specific topic, add a new line and enter additional keywords on that topic to your kit search (in the below example we have added the keyword 'rocks'). 

Adding additional keyword 'rocks' image

Below are some more specific searches you can do if you are after a certain type of kit. 

To find these kits types, use the Simple Search

Storytime Kits

Our storytime kits include a large sized children's story book and hand or finger puppets of the characters to use to tell the story with. 

To find storytime kits, search ("Juvenile fiction" OR "Juvenile literature") 791.53

Educational games

To find educational games, search "Educational games" 510.71.


To find resources to use for teaching sports or PE, search (Game OR Games) Sport

Musical instruments

To find musical instruments, use the Advanced Search, and search Subject contains "musical instruments"

Board games

The library has a number of board games which can be used for educational purposes. These used to be located in the Games Rooms, however, now you will need to request them from the Library Retrival System. 

To find board games in the library catalogue, search (Game OR Games) Board