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LANTITE Resources: Literacy Tools

In this guide:

The following resources can help you prepare for the literacy component of the LANTITE as well as helping with your English Language improvement generally.

UTS Databases:

Clarity English - Road to IELTS: IELTS Preparation and Practice
Road to IELTS consists of four sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. Each one has four different parts: Starting out, Advice and tutorials, Practice zone and Test practice. This online program gives IELTS candidates the best possible introduction to the exam and the types of activities they will be facing. 

Online resources:

UTS Library Stuy Skills - Writing, Reading & Speaking

Skillwise [external]

AWE: Academic Writing in English
A complete course in academic writing, designed to help you improve your academic writing for a variety of purposes.
Available for: iPhone 3-6, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad mini.Also on Google Play for Android.

Learning English via videos; sign up for a free account and take courses or just view courses
Course categories include: Academic English, Business English, Career English, Meida English, Social English, Travel English, etc.

ABC Australia - Learning English
Australian life & culture and business communication.