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INSEARCH SATC001 : Finding other articles

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Journal articles are great for reading about the latest developments in your topic - they can be more up to date than books as they take less time to be published. They are also really good for finding very specific information about a topic, rather than being very broad like a book. 

Journal articles are found in databases (go back to the video on the first tab to learn more about databases!).

The two databases that we recommend you use for this subject are

Type your search keywords into the basic search bar of the database. Using the refine options on the results page, you can start to filter your results by elements like publication year, or article type - for this subject, you may find it useful to limit your search results to just trade publications.

In most cases, you will be able download/print/email a PDF copy of the full text of the article. If there is no PDF available for the article you want, click on the SFX icon - it will then try and locate the article in a different database. If it finds the article you want, follow the link provided to get to the PDF.