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31266 Introduction to Information Systems

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Scholarly vs. Popular journal articles: What's the difference?

If you're having problems understanding the differences between a popular and a peer reviewed article, this short YouTube video may help.

Sneaky database tricks

Boolean operators: AND, OR, NOT

AND tells the database that you need both of those words to both be in your article

OR means that you'd be happy with any of those words in your article. For example, mobile phone OR smartphone OR cell phone

"locks these words together" eg "internet of things"

Journal articles in databases

UTS subscribes databases include journal articles, conference proceedings, ebooks, datasets, reports and images. If you have been told to find a peer reviewed journal article, there should be an option to search for Academic or Scholarly peer reviewed articles.

See the full list of UTS databases for IT. In class, we looked at Proquest Science and Technology.

Google Scholar

Use the UTS version of Google Scholar. It does not have the option to only see peer reviewed articles. If you really want to be sure, copy and search for the journal title (eg. Journal of Computer Science) into the Ulrich's periodicals directory and look for a little referee shirt logo. This is the only way that you can know 100%.