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32144 Technology Research Preparation: Articles

In this guide:

Scholarly journals and conference proceedings periodically publish the latest research theories and discoveries. Scholarly journal articles and conference papers often focus on a particular subject and examine a specific aspect of an issue or idea. They are mostly peer-reviewed before publication to ensure quality.

The UTS library provides many databases that allow you to access research materials from journal articles, eBooks, conference papers, newspaper articles, videos and more.

The library databases bring together different topics and specialisations. You can access them on the library website.

Key databases for finding academic sources:

  • Scopus: a citation database including journal articles from 22000 peer-reviewed journals, and conference papers
  • Web of Science: a citation database including journal articles from 11000 high impact factor journals, and conference papers
  • ProQuest Science and Technology: journal articles, conference papers, theses
  • ACM digital library: journal articles, conference papers published by the Association for Computing Machinery
  • IEEE Xplorejournal articles, magazines, books, conference proceedings and standards published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
  • ASCE library: journal articles and conference papers across all disciplines of civil engineering published by American Society of Civil Engineers
  • ASME Digital Collection: journal articles and conference papers published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • dblp computer science bibliographyprovides open bibliographic information on major computer science journals and proceedings.
  • Google Scholar 

Database search skills:

  • Identify the keywords and alternative terms from your research question, and you can reuse the concept table
  • Use Boolean operators and brackets to group search terms: AND, OR, NOT

  • Use “quotation marks” for exact phrases, “machine learning”
  • Use truncation character “*” to broaden the search, e.g. diagnos* will search diagnosis, diagnose and diagnostic
  • Search sample:

    Using machine learning and image recognition technology to help medical diagnosis

    Search string: "machine learning" AND (imag* OR pattern) AND diagnos*


  • Use Findit to locate full text
  • Choose “peer reviewed” option to find academic journal articles
  • Request articles through InterLibrary Loan if they are not available from UTS library
  • Look at an article’s reference list (cited articles) and citing articles to expand related resources and discover the research cycle

Video tutorials: