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Clinical Psychology 6th Year Thesis: Databases

In this guide:

It's important to know which databases to search in, especially if you're doing a systematic review for your thesis. UTS Library has a number of databases for Clinical Psychology materials. 

 Some great Clinical Psychology databases include:

  • PsycInfo - contains journal articles, book chapters, thesis, and other materials in the field of clinical psychology. Journal coverage: 1887 - present. 
  • PsycArticles - contains full text articles from journals published by the American Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association, and Hogrefe and Huber. 
  • Medline - contains biomedical literature. May not contain information about research areas not focusing specifically on health.
  • Scopus - contains literature in science and medical research areas, as well as arts, humanities, and social science. An excellent source for multidisciplinary research topics.
  • Web of Science - contains literature from 256 discipline areas, including science and humanities. An excellent source for multidisciplinary research topics.