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Evidence-based Practice & PICO searching: Databases

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Evidence Based Practice Resources

Databases are large collections of electronic materials. You can use them to search for resources for your assignments. Below is a list of databases to help you find Evidence Based Practice resources. You can find the list of databases by using the Find Databases tool > Graduate School of Health > Evidence Based Practice

Finding Clinical Trials/Studies: RCTs, Cohort Studies, and Case Studies (Primary Sources)

  • Medline: Limit to different clinical trials/studies
    • Medline searches can be limited to retrieve results from different organisations - try limiting your search to Topic Reviews (Cochrane) to get results from the Cochrane Library, or ACP Journal Club to retrieve results from ACP Journal Club, which provides reviews of RCTs.
  • CINAHL: Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature
  • Embase: Limit to different clinical trials/studies
  • TRIP (Turning Research Into Practice)
  • Cochrane Library

Finding Systematic Reviews (Secondary Sources)

Systematic reviews analyse a number of research articles on same topic, reveal overall results, trends and gaps, and perform “meta-analyses” when possible. The following databases are great resources for finding systematic reviews:

Clinical Practice Guidelines

  • Trip (Turning Research Into Practice)
  • Netting the Evidence - a free custom Google search dedicated to Evidence Based Practice methodologies