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Finding Drug Information

In this guide:

Key Australian drug databases


  • Contains information about 5000 products including prescription medicines, hospital use, and over-the-counter (OTC) products including many (not all) complementary medicines, devices, diagnostic agents and dressing.
  • AusDI is updated every month.
  • Is the only Australian drugs database that includes information about discontinued drugs.


  • Covers 4,500 prescription and non-prescription drugs.
  • MIMS is updated every month.
  • Includes the Crush? module (on whether/how to crush tablets).

Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH)

  • Evidence-based independent medicines reference
  • AMH uses the best available evidence to support prescribing and dispensing recommendations. 
  • Updated in January and July each year.

Australian Prescriber

  • Is a free, independent publication providing open access information about drugs and therapeutics, published by NPS MedicineWise. 

NPS Medicinewise

  • A not-for-profit group that provides drug information. 
  • Also includes the consumer medicine information (CMI) for most prescription and some non-prescription medicines.

eTG Complete

  • Search or browse by drug name or condition.
  • Contains 3000 topics and 25000 terms
  • Links to key references, full text articles and relevant Cochrane Library Reviews
  • Updates are issued up to three times per year - March, July and November

International drug information

Micromedex 2.0

  • single source of clinical information from need-to-know drug, pediatric, disease, lab, and toxicology information to comprehensive resources for patient and consumer education.
  • Is considered one of the most authoritative resources available.
  • Includes reviews, guidelines, clinical reviews, and information from package inserts and drug texts.
  • Includes FDA information.

British Pharmacopoeia

  • A collection of standards for UK medicines and pharmaceutical substances.

Druginfo Portal (NLM)

  • United States National Library of Medicine drug information guides with 60,600+ drugs