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Finding Drug Information: Identifying drugs

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Just like how there's a range of drugs, each of these databases are a little different. Here's the steps you need to do to identify a drug that you have in tablet or capsule form, and may not know who made it, or what it does.


On the left side of the page, click Product Identifier

  • Provide Dose Form (this is if it's a capsule or tablet), and shape (choices are very limited)
  • Click any colours found on the capsule or tablet
  • If there is scoring (this means where there is a line down the tablet) present, select this option - there are several options here.
  • Enter any markings found on the tablet (eg. DN 50)


Above the search bar, click on Drug ID
  • Choose the shape of the drug. MIMS has many more options than AusDI, ranging from circular to octagonal or heart shaped.
  • Choose Core Color (If choosing multiple colours, it is not possible to limit this to only drugs that have both colours, only drugs that have either colour)
  • Enter any markings (eg. MC 100)
  • Choose scoring (this means where there is a line down the tablet) - this is only a "YES/NO" option
  • If class of drug or company that manufactures the drug is known, choose these options.


At the top of the page, you'll see Drug ID. You can choose to search by Imprint code (this means the markings on a capsule or pill), or by the description of the pill. To search by description -

  • Choose the colour(s)
  • Choose the shape (As with MIMS, there are many shapes to choose from)
  • Choose the patterns - This feature is not found in MIMS or AusDI, and can be very helpful.
Unfortunately, not all of the MICROMEDEX results will include images of the tablets. For this reason, it should not be your first choice for identifying Australian medications by description.