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Finding Drug Information: Interactions

In this guide:


Click on the Interactions and Safety link on the left side of the page

  • Search by drug name or active ingredient, for all known prescribed/consumed drugs
  • Results appear as three categories - Drug-Drug interaction, duplicate therapy, or adverse effects.
  • Clicking the "Interaction details" link will provide you with citations and information about the interaction and levels of evidence supporting.


Click on the Drug Interactions tab at the top of the page.

  • Search or scroll until you find all listed drugs that the patient is taking, or may be prescribed
  • In the next page, you'll see interactions listed by severity. 
  • There is a column that grades the supporting evidence/documentation for these interactions, on a scale of Unknown to Excellent.
  • The top links allow you to navigate to specific sections that provide information about inteference, for example with lactation or laboratory parameters.


Above the search box, choose the Drug Interactions link.
  • It is only possible to search for one drug at a time
  • It is possible to browse by generic name, therapeutic name, or by class of drugs
  • It is possible, in preferences, to set the level of evidence wanted, or type of interaction.
  • In the results screen, the user can set preferences for interaction type or level of evidence.

Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH)

Click Interactions at the top of the page.
  • Browse by letter of drug, or use CTRL + F to search for the Drug name.
  • Information about drug interactions are listed in dot point form. They are not as comprehensive or detailed as the above databases.