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Research Project 1 (96086): Databases

In this guide:

Databases are large online collections of materials such as journal articles, newspapers, videos, and statistics. To find information for your research project, you need to find journal articles and other evidence based practice resources. You can find a list of Physiotherapy databases by using the Find Databases tool > Graduate School of Health > Physiotherapy.

Medline is a citation database that contains international biomedical literature. It is an excellent resource for finding evidence based practice literature, and can be searched using keywords and MeSH terms.


Embase is a large biomedical database that is great for finding evidence based literature in physiotherapy. It uses a controlled vocabulary (carefully selected words that can be used to retrieve information - similar to MeSH terms).

Some other great databases include:

  • CINAHL - Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature. Contains information about alternative and complementary medicines (such as physiotherapy) and other topics
  • Cochrane Library of Systematic Reviews - contains systematic reviews (and some randomised controlled trials)
  • ProQuest Health and Medicine - contains lots of journals covering all aspects of health
  • AMED - Allied and complementary medicine database