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92441 Contemporary Indigenous Health and Wellbeing

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1. Assessment two

Are you aware of what you actually have to do? How are you going to get top marks? These UTS HELPS guides can help you use the proper language and structure to best answer the assignment question. We will also take you through what other sources you need to include.

Self help resources

Reflective Writing

RN Standards

UTS Indigenous Graduate Attributes

Nursing Graduate Attributes

2. Peer Reviewed Information

What is Scholarly Writing


What is peer reviewed information? How do you tell?


3. Other Places to look

Another great resource that includes reports, journal articles and a range of sources to help with your assignment.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

4. Okay your turn!

Click on the above link once you have been placed in pairs and given a group number.

5. Dont forget referencing is worth up to 10%

Referencing guide