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92443 - Optimising Care in Chronic Conditions: Google

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Google can be used to find government health reports, which are useful when analysing data. Government reports often contextualise this data, and provide case studies. Use these search operators to find specific reports:


  • Limits your search to specific types of web sites
  • site:gov.au will only find Australian government websites
  • site:edu.au will only find Australian educational websites (all educational levels)
  • site:org.au will only find the sites of Australian organisations
  • Removes results featuring specific words that you don't want included
  • -suicide will remove results containing the word suicide
  • You can remove multiple words from a search by adding another -[word] operator.
Phrase searching
  • Searches Google for a particular phrase instead of separate words
  • "car accident" will find results that feature the phrase "car accident" and not the words by themselves
  • Only find results that are a specific file type
  • filetype:pdf will only find PDFs uploaded to the internet

Google Scholar

Google Scholar searches multiple databases at once, and contains both material the Library has access to and material it doesn't. The operators above can be used to search Google Scholar. You should be cautious when using Google Scholar - not all the articles you'll find have been peer reviewed.