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92350 Becoming a midwife: Assessment 1

In this guide:

Tips on completing Assessment task 1: exploring contemporary midwifery topics

1. Understand the assessment criteria
Read through and make notes on the information in your subject outline and any supporting documents like the marking rubric in UTS Online. Ask your lecturer for clarification if needed.

For example: you are being asked to submit an annotated bibliography with 5 items of literature (e.g. books, book chapters, journal articles, reports)

2. Choose a topic

  • Continuity of midwifery care
  • Woman centred care
  • Teenage pregnancy
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Maternal and Infant Health
  • Home birth
  • Water birth
  • Community-based postnatal care
  • The over-medicalisation of midwifery care
  • The caesarean section rate

3. Diverse, Authoritative and Comprehensive Sources
Find a range of sources, as these will also be used for Assessment task 2.

For example: a book, a few journal articles, a report

4. Searching

  • To find books, search the Library Catalogue, also try Google Books
  • To find articles, use an appropriate database like Maternity and Infant Care, CINAHL or even Google Scholar
  • To find reports, use Google and then add a limit such as site:gov.au for Australian government information, or site:org.au for Australian organisations. You can also use filetype:pdf to search for pdfs.
5. Evaluate and select your sources
  • Evaluate your sources carefully as this assessment is more about relevancy and quality than quantity
  • Tips on evaluation: 
    • when was it published?
    • Scan the title
    • Read the abstract / summary if provided
    • Is this relevant - consider how well it relates to Task 1 
    • Compare it against other readings you have may looked at for this subject, is this similar?
    • Is there a good conclusion or discussion at the end? 
    • Are references provided? 
    • Are the author's credentials or institutional affiliation provided?
  • You'll also be using the same articles for Assessment task 2, so find sources that will work for that task
  • We also recommend you send a copy or save a soft copy of your articles

5. Writing an annotated bibliography

6. Before submitting your work

  • Check your references carefully! If you need a second pair of eyes, ask for help at the Research Help Desk.
  • Use Grammarly to check your writing
  • Use HELPS' drop in advice to have a professional HELPS advisor look over your work