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92790 Evidence Based Practice

Guidance for your 'Finding the Evidence' assignment using PICO.

Stage 1: Using PICO to develop a searchable question and identify search terms

  • Open / download the PICO table
  • In the downloaded document, highlight the keywords and concepts
  • Put your highlighted terms in the PICO table, using the first row:
    • P = population or problem
    • I = intervention
    • C = comparison
    • O = outcome
  • Brainstorm related terms and add them in the second or third rows

Stage 2: Searching databases

If you are not sure how to use any of these databases, check out our youtube channel or click here to go directly to our video on CINAHL.

Stage 3: Save your results

  • From the databases, you can export, save or take a screenshot of your results.
    The Snipping Tool is available as free software on most PCs, and can save a high quality image of your search history. 


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