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This study guide is designed to help you access free resources to support you in your place of work.

You can select Databases at the top of the page to view links to the free resources that were covered in the workshop and additional free resources.

Don't forget you can always email rosie.glynn@uts.edu.au or elizabeth.stokes@uts.edu.au if you have any questions.


Breaking Down Your Topic

When you are searching for health information it's extremely important that you break down your topic into seperate concepts so you can find the best possible information. 

For example if you were looking for information about how effective prenatal and neonatal care can affect mortality rates in infants you would need to break this question into the different subject areas. In this scenario they would be prenatal care, neonatal care and mortality in infants, these are called your main concepts or keywords.

Once you have broken down your topic you need to think about the different ways to express your concepts. These are known as synonyms. Authors from different disciplines may discuss research concepts in different ways. Authors from different countries may use alternative spelling.

You can use a combination of keywords and synonyms when searching a database to tailor the results of your search. The more synonyms you have the broader your search will be. The more concepts you include, the narrower your search will be.

When you are ready to start searching, select the Databases tab at the top of this study guide.


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