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Indigenous Australian Health: Articles

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Recommended Databases

  • Indigenous Collection (Informit*)
    Focuses on international Indigenous topics including health. 
    Includes journals, books, conference proceedings and reports.
  • Health Collection (Informit*)
    Focuses on health topics in Australasia, particularly Indigenous health. 
    Includes research articles, reports and case studies.
  • Medline (Ovid) 
    A top medicine and health care database with international coverage.
    Includes research articles, clinical practice, policy issues and more.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health (ATSIhealth) (Informit*)
    Focuses on ATSI health issues; a small specialised database. 
    Includes theses, unpublished articles, government reports, conference papers, book chapters and working papers. 
  • Rural and Remote Health Database (Informit*)
    Another small database that covers rural and remote health issues and care from an international perspective.
  • INFOKOORI (free online database)
    A searchable index to news from the Koori Mail going back to 1991.
    Provides you with advanced options for narrowing your search
    (e.g. type of article, year, author, subject)

Search Tip

*Informit databases can be combined for simultaneous searching, this can save time and retrieve more results.

Select them from this list to get started. 

Video tutorial: Using Informit databases

Want more databases?


How to find journal articles

Steps Help
1. Select the databases that match your topic

database = searchable collection of publications

Video Tutorial: Finding the Right Database

2. Search using a variety of keywords that reflect your topic

keywords = search terms

Video Tutorial: Keywords and search statements 
(Source: Georgian College)

3. Add search limits if needed

Common search limits are publication date,
publication type, subject

4. Scan the articles to identify relevant results.
    Start with the title and abstract.
    Email / bookmark / save / export your work.

abstract = summary

Ask a Librarian to learn more. 


Need help?

Here are some common problems encountered in looking for journal articles:

Common Problems Suggestions
Results aren't relevant to my topic

Try different keywords or adding more

Try other databases

Too many results

Add more specific keywords

Add search limits (e.g. date, type, subject)

Not enough results

Try other keywords
(e.g. "Indigenous Australians" or "Aboriginal Australians")

Broaden your keywords
(e.g. instead of Sydney try New South Wales)

Remove search limits that are too restrictive

Check your spelling or try spelling variations
(e.g. Australian vs American spelling) 

I need peer reviewed / scholarly articles

Some databases let you limit your results to
peer reviewed / scholarly journals

Video tutorial: Finding Scholarly and Peer Reviewed Journals

I can't find the full text

Look for an icon / link that says SFX and click for more options
Video tutorial: Using SFX 

Search the library catalogue for the title of the journal itself
to see if we subscribe to it in print or electronically

Try searching Google or Google Scholar