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INSEARCH SBCY001 - Biocomplexity : Journals

In this guide:

In your assignment, you need to find peer-reviewed articles. The library is subscribe to a number databases you can use to find the articles and below are some databases you can use:

  • Access Science - handbook and encyclopedia
  • Proquest Biological Science Collection: Proquest Biological Science Collection contains articles about research areas such as aquatic sciences, biomedicine, biotechnology, zoology & ecology, and some aspects of agriculture & veterinary science. 
  • Google Scholar is a multi-subject database for academic articles and a good place to do background research. The SFX function allows you to find full-text documents of your article (please see this guide for issues accessing full text). Watch how to search google scholar here

Search Tips

  • Identify the keywords and alternative terms from your research question, and you can reuse the concept table
  • Use Boolean operators and brackets to group search terms: AND, OR, NOT

  • Use “quotation marks” for exact phrases, “abiotic factors”
  • Use truncation character “*” to broaden the search, e.g. components* will search components and component
  • Example: "abiotic factors" AND biotic component*