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International Studies: Language Resources

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Foreign Language learning books, CDs/DVDs

The Library has increased foreign language learning collections for Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. They are available on Level 4, City Campus Library. You can browse on the shelves according to the general call numbers:

Chinese       French         German            Italian           Japanese           Spanish

495.1          448               438                   458                495.6                 468


To get a list of  films in your chosen language, simply use the searching terms, such as, Chinese films, French films, etc. and then limit the results to 'Video and DVD' format.

Oxford Dictionaries: Chinese

This is a handy online dictionary. Besides the dictionary, it also offers learning resources to help you learn Chinese.

Online dictionary for 28 languages

And much more about languages and translation: Conjugation, Quizzes, Games, Forum, etc.