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What is Open Courseware?

Online course content ranging from lectures and slides to assignments and exams that have been made freely available by educational institutions around the world.

Sydney Centre for International Law (SCIL) Talks

Experts in international law from the Sydney Centre for International Law (SCIL), Sydney Law School have presented four intriguing ideas in a series of short videos. The videos cover a wide range of topics including the environment, rebellion, forced evictions in Nepal and the role international law plays in crafting non-legal phenomena.

Australian National University (ANU) Law

Playlist of 23 Law Videos from The Australian National University.

Fair Work Commission

The Fair Work Commission is the national workplace relations tribunal. It is an independent body with power to carry out a range of functions relating to the safety net of minimum wages and employment conditions, enterprise bargaining, industrial action, dispute resolution, termination of employment and other workplace matters.

Australian Centre for Health Law Research

A set of free podcasts via iTunes from Queensland University of Technology discussing innovative research into current and emerging health law issues.

Rule of Law Institute of Australia

The Rule of Law Institute of Australia is an independent not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting discussion of the rule of law.


A site from the NSW Government with videos about the Justice system in NSW.

Lawyers Weekly YouTube channel

Lawyers Weekly claims to be the leading authoritative source of independent news, analysis and opinion about the business of law in Australia. Their website has has some additional video material.

London School of Economics (LSE) Department of Law

A set of 14 lectures on aspects of public law. The LSE has many other videos on various legal topics, with an emphasis International Law. The LSE is a specialist university with an international intake and a global reach. Its research and teaching span the full breadth of the social sciences, from economics, politics and law to sociology, anthropology, accounting and finance.

Law Lectures at Gresham College London

Gresham College hosts lectures on many topics of public interest by practitioners and experts. Legal areas include: Constitutional Law, International Law, Regulation, Family Law, Fertility and Reproduction Law, and others.

Central Queensland University Law Lectures

A very large series of Law Lectures on many topics from the Law Faculty at Central Queensland University.

TED-Ed Law videos

The TED-Ed project makes short video lessons worth sharing, aimed at educators and students. Within TED-Ed’s growing library of lessons, specifically the Law section, you will find carefully curated educational videos, many of which are collaborations between educators and animators nominated through the TED-Ed platform.

Centre for Independent Studies

The Centre for Independent Studies (CIS) is a leading Australian public policy research institute. Through public policy research and events, the CIS encourages debate among leading academics, politicians, media and the public.


Can law change human behavior to be less environmentally damaging? Law will be examined through case histories including: environmental effects of national security, pesticides, air pollution, consumer products, plastics, parks and protected area management, land use, urban growth and sprawl, public/private transit, drinking water standards, food safety, and hazardous site restoration. In each case we will review the structure of law and evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.



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