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Legal Abbreviations

This study guide has been designed to bring together information about legal abbreviations. References to law reports or law journals use abbreviations for the name of the law report or journal. This guide provides a list of the most commonly used abbreviations to resources held in the UTS Library collection as well as links to more comprehensive lists of legal abbreviations. If you are still unable to locate your particular legal abbreviation, ask at the Research Help Desk at the UTS Library.


This is a guide to commonly used legal abbreviations. It is NOT a complete listing.

If you cannot find your abbreviation try this online database:

Casebase (Lexis Advance) Index - C- Case Abbreviations

Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations

Firstpoint (Westlaw AU) list of abbreviations

Note: Where reports are available online, links go to the database where they are held.
Online availability may not match hardcopy holdings.

AAR Administrative Appeals Reports 344.9407/31

Australian Bankruptcy Cases 1928-1964 1999+


AC Appeal Cases 344.4107/7 1891-
344.4107/6 1875-1890 (UK)
ACLC Australian Company Law Cases 344.9407/17

cont'd by

Australian Company Law Reports cont'd by
Australian Corporations and Securities Reports

A Crim R Australian Criminal Reports 344.9407/19
ACSR Australian Corporations and Securities Reports 344.9407/13
ACTR Australian Capital Territory Reports
(bound with Australian Law Reports)
AILR Australian Industrial Law Review 1961-96 con't by
Australian Industrial Law Reports 1997+
AITR Australian & New Zealand Income Tax Reports
formerly Australian Income Tax Reports cont.by ATR
ALD Administrative Law Decisions 344.9407/15
ALJR Australian Law Journal Reports 344.9407/3
All ER All England Law Reports (UK) 344.4107/28
ALL ER Rep All England Law Reports Reprint (UK) 344.4107/28
ALR Australian Law Reports 1973+
Australian Argus Law Reports, 1960-1973
Argus Law Reports, 1895-1959


APA or APAD Australian Planning Appeal Decisions 344.9407/22
AppCas Appeal Cases 1875-1890 (UK) 344.4107/6
AR(NSW) Industrial Arbitration Reports, N.S.W 344.94407/22
ASC Aust. Consumer Sales & Credit Law Reporter (-1997)
cont'd by
Australian Consumer Sales & Credit Law cases
347.67/6 & 344.9407/30
AspMC Aspinall's Reports of Maritime Cases 344.4107/35
ATC Australian Tax Cases 344.9407/24
ATD Australian Tax Decisions, 1930-1945
cont'd by
Australasian Tax Decisions, 1945-1969
ATPR Australian Trade Practices Reports 344.9407/27
ATR Australasian Tax Reports 1969-1990/
Australian Tax Reports 1991+
BC(NSW) New South Wales Bankruptcy Cases 1890-1899 344.94407/18
Beor Queensland Law Reports by Beor 1878-80 44.94307/2
CAR Commonwealth Arbitration Reports 344.9407/26
CC Crown Cases 344.4107/12
Ch or
Chancery Division 344.4107/10,11

CLC cont.

Australian Company Law Cases 344.9407/17
CLR Commonwealth Law Reports 344.9407/4
CMLR Common Market Law Reports 341.028/1
CP or CPD Common Pleas 1865-1880 344.4107/13,14
CrimAppR Criminal Appeal Reports 344.4107/39
CTBR(NS) Commonwealth Taxation Board of Review Decisions (New Series) 344.9407/25
DCR New South Wales, District Court Reports 344.94407/10
DLR Dominion Law Reports 344.7107/1
EHRR European Human Rights Reports 341.024/1
E & IApp House of Lords,English & Irish Appeals (UK) 344.4107/3
Eq Equity Cases 1865-1875 (UK) 344.4107/9
ER The English Reports (UK) 344.4107/1
ExD Exchequer Division (UK) 344.4107/15,16
Fam Family Division (UK) 344.4107/23, 11
FamLN Family Law Notes (bound with Fam.L.R.) 344.9407/9
FamLR Family Law Reports 344.9407/9
FCR Federal Court Reports 344.9407/32
FLC Family Law Cases 344.9407/10
FLR Federal Law Reports 344.9407/5
HL House of Lords, English & Irish Appeals (1866-75) (UK) 344.4107/3
IPR Intellectual Property Reports 344.9407/33
IR Industrial Reports 344.9407/35
IR The Irish Reports (UK) 344.41507/1
KB King's Bench (UK) 344.4107/19
Legge Legge's Supreme Court Cases, NSW 1825-62 344.94407/1
LGATR (NSW) Local Government Appeals Tribunal Reports of NSW 1972-80 344.94407/16
LGR N.S.W.Local Government Reports, 1911-1956 344.94407/21
LGERA Local Government and Environmental Reports of Australia 1993-
Local Government Reports of Australia, 1956-1992
LJ The Law Journal Reports
(Chancery, Equity, King's/Queen's Bench, Privy Council)
LlLR or LILRep Lloyd's List Law Reports 344.4107/41
LRPC Privy Council  1865-1875 (UK) 344.4107/5
New South Wales Law Reports 1880-1900 344.94407/5
LT Law Times Reports (UK) 344.4107/26
LVR Land & Valuation Court Reports (NSW) 344.94407/14
NSWLR New South Wales Law Reports 1971+ 344.94407/9
NSWWN see WN (NSW)  
NSWR New South Wales Reports 1960-70 344.94407/8
NTR Northern Territory Reports 1973+ 344.9407/2
NZLR New Zealand Law Reports 344.93107/2
P or PD Probate Division 344.4107/21-23
QB Queen's Bench 344.4107/18,19

Queensland Reports 1958+

QSR State Reports, Queensland 1902-1957 344.94307/2
SALR South Australian Law Reports 1865-1920 344.94207/1

South Australian State Reports 1921-1999

SR(NSW) State Reports, New South Wales 1901-1970
cont'd by NSWLR
SR(WA) State Reports, Western Australia 344.94107/3
TasLR Tasmanian Law Reports 1897-1936 344.94607/1
TasR Tasmanian Reports 1977+ 344.94607/2
TasSR Tasmanian State Reports 1937-76 344.94607/2
TBRD Taxation Brd. of Review Decisions (Commonwealth) 344.9407/25
TLR Times Law Reports (UK) 344.4107/27
VLR Victorian Law Reports (1885-1956) 344.94507/9
VR Victorian Reports (1957- ) continues VLR 344.94507/10
WALR Western Australian Law Reports 1899-1959 344.94107/1
WAR Western Australian Reports (1960- ) 344.94107/2
WCR(NSW) Workers' Compensation Reports, N.S.W. 1928-1980 344.94407/17
WLR The Weekly Law Reports 344.4107/29
WN(NSW) Weekly Notes, New South Wales 1884-1970 344.94407/7


If the abbreviation you need is not on the sheet, refer to staff at the Study Help Desk.