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In this guide:

Here are some resources to support the Library Workshop for students enrolled in the first year Bachelor of Nursing program: Workshops for Practice Readiness. However, they should be useful for any first year Nursing students.

These two short videos demonstrate the two main Health databases recommended for Nursing students: CINAHL and Medline. They will help you find good quality scholarly articles about handwashing/hand hygiene quickly and simply.


Most students doing this course will be visiting the library for a "Self directed learning activity" which we fondly call the "Nursing Treasure Hunt". The purpose of this activity is to help you navigate your way around some of the general services of the library which you will want to know about. If you are in one of the groups who would have attend this had Easter Monday not been a holiday, please find a partner from your group and work through these questions together.

After the visit to the library, students will attend a Databases searching tutorial in a computer lab. However for students who might have attended this on Easter Monday, we have set up some special times for you to attend this session in the library instead. These sessions will be led by Library staff.  Please choose a time when you can attend and book via the respective event page.  

This "Searching Tips" handout is a good companion for the databases session.  It includes contact details for the Health team of librarians and worked examples of searches in several databases.