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Online Educational Resources for Education: OER Portals

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OER portals are search engines for OEr's that let you refine a search by the education level (eg: higher/tertiary) and also by type (egL book, video, lesson plan and game)


CK-12 is a bright and attractive OER portal focusing on school education. It specializes in interactive learning apps for maths and the physical sciences.











 Open Stax - CNX

Learning objects packaged into open textbook shaped resources, that sometimes contain section quizzes, animations and interactive exercises


Another OER portal catering mainly to the childhood educator. Contains some Australian specific resources. Has a peer rating system for the content you'll find, and contains lessons, interactive learning objects and the occasional learning rubric.

OER Commons

OER Commons is another interesting portal with strengths in areas of communication, including game based learning and language learning. Create a logon for best results with OER commons.  


An unassuming looking but surprisingly useful collection of information literacy tools, including a keyword generator, an 'is this scholarly?' checklist and lots of resources to do with plagiarism and searching strategies.