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Online Educational Resources for Built Environment: Open CourseWare

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What is OpenCourseWare?

Online course content ranging from lecture slides to assignments and exams that have been made freely available by educational institutions around the world.

All content should be Creative commons, meaning you can adapt it for your own teaching.


Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a search engine that finds open courseware, predominantly from UK and US universities. It searches across many of the major providers , including MIT, Oxford, Stanford and Harvard.

MIT OpenCourseWare for the Built Environment

MIT offers some courses suitable for the Built Environment student , including Introduction to Urban Design and Development, Real Estate Economics and A Workshop on GIS.

TU Delft Course - Urban Analysis and Design

'In a series of lectures urban planners and other experts will explain on urban tasks and (recently) built urban plans for inner city interventions, for restructure and transformation locations of former harbour and industrial sites and for new locations. The focus will be on urban design methods, instruments and guidelines and on sustainable urbanism in general in order to gather knowledge on how to create future proof plans.'

Built Environment (leedsmet repository)

This is an institutional repository for Leeds Metropolitan University and comprises a research collection and a collection of Open Educational Resources (OER). Contains videos of lectures, talks and case studies.

GIS & Remote Sensing Skills Portal (Manchester University)

Screencast tutorials on ArcMap and Remote Sensing and and Ubran Design Toolkit containing Sketchup, Digimap, Abode Ps and more. Also has some UK spatial datasets.

OER Commons

OER Commons is another interesting portal that contains a fair few courses of interest, including Weather in the Built Environment and the Impact of Globalization in the Built Environment . Create a logon for best results with OER commons.