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91123 Biocomplexity: Finding articles

In this guide:

Scholarly journal articles are a key method of scientific communication, and you will use them a lot while studying. They contain primary research, and undergo a rigorous process of "peer review". 

Sometimes you will need to find journal articles from a reading list provided by your lecturer. This video explains how to do this: 

You will also need to find journal articles yourself, to use for your assignments. To do this, you will need to use the Library databases. Use the Find Databases tool > Science > Medicine & biosciences for a full listing of databases relevant to Biocomplexity.

A key one you will need to use is Web of Science. The following video provides a basic introduction to how to search for articles in it:


And finally, this video explains the general principles of finding scholarly, peer reviewed, material, no matter which database you use: