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91161 Cell Biology and Genetics

In this guide:

Welcome to the Cell Biology and Genetics study guide. This guide has been prepared to help you with your poster assignment due at the end of session.

The guide has been structured as three key activities: 

  1. Finding - how to find a research article for your poster
  2. Understanding - how to find resources that will help you understand your research article
  3. Poster - some tips on how to prepare your poster 

The assignment

First, a recap of what the assignment is asking of you (from the subject outline) and: 

“Research a given topic by accessing and reviewing published research literature, research papers and reviews, critically synthesizing the gathered information, present the findings in the form of a poster presentation” 

This is further broken down into the following steps...  

1. Choose a sub-topic from the following:
  • Cell Division
  • Cell function
  • Cell Metabolism
  • Cell Signaling
  • Cell Motility
2. Find 5-6 research articles on your chosen sub-topic.
  • They must be published in the last 5 years
  • They should be from peer-reviewed academic journals, ideally the 15 specified journals
3. Choose one research article to focus on
4. Find other academic literature to support and explain the research article (minimum 5 resources including books and articles)
5. Design and present an electronic scientific poster about your chosen research article 


Make sure you have read the marking rubrics for detailed requirements.

Now, let's move on to the Research Articles tab to learn more about research articles!  

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Cell bio poster

Flone's picture
Flone, 1 year ago
Dear librarian I’m doing a research on cell division but I don’t know which articles to choose to my topic and there’s no specific topics provided for us

Hi Flone,

JingLi's picture
JingLi, 1 year ago
Hi Flone, I suggest you to look at this resource and focus on a particular stage of cell division: https://www-accessscience-com.ezproxy.lib.uts.edu.au/content/cell-division/116300 You can discuss your topic with your tutor or lecturer as well. Regards, Jing
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