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91161 Cell Biology and Genetics: Finding

In this guide:

How to search for research articles

There are a couple of different ways to search for your research articles. We have prepared a presentation, and some online tutorials to guide you through these. These materials are also available in UTSOnline.

Now you need to choose a topic and the search terms, then search.

If you're searching in Web of Science Core Collection, follow the steps:


  • Log in the database, put the search terms (e.g. Cell Signal* AND Kinase* ) into search box that will search in topic field.
  • Click on Add another field, change the drop down menu to Publication Name, and copy/paste the following journal titles into the search box.

journal of cell biology OR journal of cell science OR cell biology international OR european journal of cell biology OR plant cell OR gene OR microbiology OR cell OR cell calcium OR cell biochemistry and biophysics OR developmental cell OR nature cell biology OR PLOS biology OR cell research OR experimental cell research

  • Select the Timespan to Last 5 years to make sure you're getting articles that you can actually use for this assignment, then search.

After you have the results, you need to refine the results to Research Articles:

  • Choose Document Types for "ARTICLE" on the left hand side, then Refine.

Finding Articles on Web of Science


Once you have your research articles, you will need to find other literature to help you understand it - so let's move on to the Understanding tab now.