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99665 Chinese Medicine Foundations 1: Subject Resources

In this guide:

From your subject outline, your lecturer listed a lot of sources in Recommended Texts and References. Most are books and journal articles.


Buck, C. 2015, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine: Roots of Modern Practice, Singing Dragon, London.

Farquhar, J. & Zhang, Q.C. 2005, 'Biopolitical Beijing: Pleasure, Sovereignty, and Self-Cultivation in China's Capital', Cultural Anthropology, vol. 20, no. 2, pp. 303-27.

Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine: Plain Conversation 2005 (originally c. 100 BCE), trans. Z.G. Li, vols 1-3, World Publishing Corporation, Xi'an.

Subject Resources

Your lecturer has asked the Library to make some specific resources available to you through eReadings and Reserve. To find these items, just type your subject number 99665 into the library catalogue search box and all the resources for your subject will be displayed. You can also find them directly by clicking here.

Finding books

To find books, you can type the book title, or book keywords, or author surname plus keywords from the title.

Search Tips: Sometimes translated books have different titles, e.g. Yellow Emperor's Canon of Medicine, Huangdi NeiJing, Huang Ti Nei Ching. You need to use different keywords to search one by one.
For example: yellow emperor, neijing, nei ching, nei jing

Finding journal articles

If you need to find a journal article from a reading list or references, try to find out the journal title first, then search for this journal in the cataogue to see if it's available in the year when the article was published.

This video explains how to do this: