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99667 Clinical Theory and Clinic Level 1: Referencing

In this guide:

To successfully complete this assessment, you are required to ‘reference’ your answers appropriately using the Harvard UTS reference style.

  • Journal articles

Here is a journal article found from Medline, you can locate all elements from the search results page.

Then the reference details in Harvard UTS style:

Miyamoto, S., Ide, T. & Takemura, N. 2010, 'Risks and causes of cervical cord and medulla oblongata injuries due to acupuncture', World Neurosurgery, vol. 73, no. 6,pp. 735-41.

More from Harvard UTS style guide: Journal Article

If you find an article from a Website, and only available online, not a book chappter, journal, newspaper or magazine artice, conference paper, thesis etc, then reference it as a website. Here is an example from a weblog:

Topics in Chinese Medicine 2011,‘Healing crisis?’, Topics in Chinese Medicine Blog, Weblog, White Pine Healing Arts, viewed 22 December 2011,<http://whitepinehealingarts.org/topicsblog/?p=393>.

More details from Harvard UTS style guide: Website and Social Media