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360 Degree Cameras: Insta360 Air

In this guide:

The The Insta360 Air tinker kits contain:

  • 1x Insta360 Air camera
  • 1x quickstart guide + product instructions
  • Additional resources: 1x micro-USB or USB Type-C connector cable
  • Additional resources: 1x flexible phone tripod with 2x device holders + 1x Bluetooth remote shutter

Technical details for the camera:

  • Phone Compatibility Android phones
  • Dual-fisheye lenses
  • F2.4 aperture
  • 3008 x 1504 (3K) still image resolution
  • 2560 x 1280 video resolution (3008 x 1504 with some smartphones)
  • 30 frames per second
  • Real-time stitching
  • 37.6mm / 1.48in diameter
  • 26.5 grams

You will also need: 

 The Insta360Air app for Android. 

The app allows you to

* Shoot photos and videos, or go live in 360 on Facebook, YouTube and other platforms. 

* Browse and edit what you capture.

* Share your 360 photos and video on social media.

Please Note - any footage taken on the Insta360 will remain on the device unless you delete it after you are finished borrowing, so please delete your unneeded footage before returning.