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Arduino Training and Tutorials (Lynda.com)

Lynda.com offers a number of video tutorials and training on how to use Arduino, including introductory training covering all the basics to getting started with Arduino.

Getting started with Arduino: A Beginner's Guide (MakeUseOf)

A basic guide to getting started with Arduino including explanation on parts, set up and installation. There are also some easy project ideas to try for beginners. 

RedBoard Hookup Guide (SparkFun)

SparkFun have created a number of tutorials to get you started with Arduino equivalent tech such as the RedBoard. This one is a good place to start.

Book guides

The following books & eBooks are available to UTS staff and students via UTS Library. 

Books for Beginners

Arduino inventor's guideThe Arduino inventor’s guide
Huang, B. and Runberg, D. 2017. 

Learn electronics with Arduino : an illustrated beginner's guide to physical computing
Culkin, J. 2017. 

Arduino for kids : a cool guide to help kids develop robots and electronics
Kuber, P. 2017.

Jumpstarting the Arduino 101: interacting with a computer that learns
Shi, Y. and Mohite, S. 2017.

Books for Advanced Tinkerers

Arduino: a technical reference: a handbook for technicians, engineers, and makers
Hughes, J.M. 2016.