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Creating References

Harvard (UTS) is an author-date style, which means that when you use someone else’s words or ideas you cite the author’s surname(s) and the year of publication inside a set of curved brackets. This is called in-text referencing:


Butler et al. (2009) noted that the English language diaspora has significantly enriched the language

For every in-text reference you create, you need to make a matching entry at the end of your document, with more information to help locate the original source. These entries are listed in alphabetical order by the author’s surname in a reference list:

Reference list

Butler, J.E., Severino, C., Guetta, D. & Guerra, J.C. 1997, Writing in multicultural settings, 4th edn, Modern Language Association of America, New York.

The Harvard UTS referencing style is based on the Australian Government's Style Guide for Authors, Editors and Publishers (6th edition, 2002).