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Newspaper and Magazine

Newspapers and magazines are released daily, weekly or monthly, so you must indicate the day and/ or month of publication in your reference. Thus, referencing a newspaper or magazine article is similar to referencing a journal article, but with the volume and issue numbers replaced by the date of publication.

Author Year, 'Title of article', Title of Newspaper or Magazine, Issue date, Page range.


'... worst case in history’ (Dunn & Mundy 1994, p. 11). In 2004, it was reported that there was a new generation on the rise (Darby 2004, para. 10). As Gutner (2003) wrote …

Reference list

Darby, A. 2004, 'Furious Butler quits as governor', Sydney Morning Herald, 10 August, viewed 10 November 2009, <http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2004/08/09/1092022411039.html>.

Dunn, J. & Mundy, C. 1994, 'Generation next', Rolling Stone, September, pp. 72-5.

Gutner, T. 2003, 'Fashion futures', Business Week (Fashion Industry Supplement), 30 August, pp. 9-10.


  • If you are looking at a newspaper or magazine on a free website, and it has no page numbers, replace the page range with the viewed date and URL.
  • If you access a newspaper or magazine article from a library database that has no page numbers, use these rules.
  • If the magazine has a month or a season instead of an issue date, replace the issue date with the month or season.
  • If the article comes from a special section that has its own page numbering, you need to specify the section (in brackets) after the name of the newspaper or magazine.

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Brochures, pamphlets and zines

Printed brochures, pamphlets and zines are referenced like books, and online versions are referenced like a website. Not all brochures, pamphlets or zines will have complete information, but find what you can and use as much detail as possible.

Author Year, Title of brochure, pamphlet or zine, Format, Pamphlet or zine number, Publisher, Place of Publication.


‘… common sense will ultimately prevail’ (Jones, Marshall & Tebbutt 2012, pp. 9-10). As reflected in UTS’s policy (University of Technology Sydney 2009), action is communicated to the general public (NSW Health 2011) ...

Reference list

Jones, A., Marshall, V. & Tebbutt, K.L. 2012, Paper mountain, zine, no. 1, Sydney.

NSW Health 2011, Welcome to the emergency department, pamphlet, NSW Health, viewed 8 August 2012, <http://www.health.nsw.gov.au/resources/hospitals/going_to_hospital/pdf/ed_brochure.pdf>.

University of Technology Sydney 2009, Safety and wellbeing at work: computer comfort, pamphlet, UTS, Sydney.


  • If the pamphlet or zine is found online, replace the place of publication with the viewed date and URL.

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Press Release

Media and press releases are written by companies and organisations and submitted to the media in the hope of generating publicity. In Harvard UTS referencing they resemble the format for a newspaper, though without an article title. They can be referenced in both print and online forms.

Author Year, Title, Format, Publisher, Publication date, viewed date, <URL>.


… as it was demonstrated (Watersmith 2000). Many years previously, McDonald (1968) wrote …

Reference list

McDonald, J.E. 1968, Gallery expansion brings a new beginning, press release, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 6 July.

Watersmith, C. 2000, BHP enters new era, media release, BHP Limited, 1 March, viewed 18 February 2010, <www.bhp.com.au/mediarelease18897>.


  • Format should be either press release or media release.
  • If the press release was not viewed online, remove the viewed date and URL from the reference and add a place of publication, as seen in the McDonald example above.

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