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Library Accessibility Services

icon  Accessible Format Requests may experience delays or may not be able to be completed at this time.

Prior to submitting an accessibile format request please access the following services:


Accessible Format



Software & hardware

Library Accessibility Officers

The Library aims to provide the assistance necessary to ensure that students with either a temporary or permanent disability have equitable access to Library resources. Due to demand on these resources, access to Accessibility services and facilities at UTS Library is available only to those employed by, or currently enrolled in a course of study at UTS. These services are also extended to those enrolled at or employed by another Australian university or proof of accessibility requirements from their university.

Needs assessment

To register as a student with accessibility requirements you need to make an appointment with staff in the Accessibility Service on Tel: +61 2 9514 1177 or Accessibility@uts.edu.au. If you meet the criteria, your borrowing record will be updated and you will be given access to Accessibility services and facilities at UTS Library.

Library access

Entry to the Library is through a turnstile system. You will need your student card to swipe in through the gates. There is another gate to assist students with less mobility. To use this gate you will need to obtain a proximity pass. If you would like information about obtaining a proximity pass, please contact Security Staff on Tel: +61 2 9514 3399.

The Library has lift access.

Harvard UTS Referencing Guide

For students with accessibility needs, a simplified version of the Harvard UTS Referencing Guide has been made available. This version should be more friendly to screen readers.