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Research Skills

These hands-on workshops are run by library staff and designed for research students and research staff. 

The Graduate Research School also run a series of research student workshop programs throughout the year. Details are available on Staff Connect (UTS login is required).

If you cannot attend a workshop, please Book a Librarian instead.

Finding Information | Referencing | Data Management | Publishing & Metrics | Collaboration & Communication Tools | Chinese Workshops

Finding Information

This series of workshops will help you develop effective search strategies to find relevant sources for your work. Best Practice for Literature Searching is recommended for all higher degree research students that are about to start their literature review.

Advanced Database Searching

Using library databases effectively is the key to finding relevant journal literature and other resources to support your research. This class covers key strategies to maximise relevant search results from databases and develop a comprehensive search strategy for your topic; it builds on the Starting your assignment workshop.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify keywords and related terms
  • Apply advanced database searching techniques to your research question
  • Modify your search to improve relevancy

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Best Practice for Literature Searching

To do a thorough literature search on your topic, you need to develop a great search strategy. Learn how a systematic search can help you more efficiently find resources on your topic.

This hands on workshop will show you how to:

  • Start your literature search
  • Identify databases for your topic
  • Structure your search terms to find relevant results
  • Modify your search strategy when things go wrong
  • Save your searches
  • Locate highly cited articles in your area
  • Use ArticleReach or InterLibrary Loan to request resources

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Learn about the Harvard (UTS) referencing style and also master referencing software such as EndNote, RefWorks and Mendeley.

EndNote for Beginners (PC)

An introduction to using EndNote to create in-text citations and a reference list in your assignments.This class is taught in a PC computer lab.

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EndNote for Beginners (Mac)

This is an EndNote class for Mac users. It will give you an introduction to using EndNote to create in-text citations and a reference list in your assignments.You will need to bring along you own MacBook.

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Data Management

Effective research data management strategies are essential for all researchers at UTS. Our four part workshop will cover the basics of how to manage your data across the lifecycle of a project, from data collection to publishing. Securing Your Information offers basic strategies and tools for managing day-to-day security issues like password management.

Research Data Management: Less Tears, More Citations

Save yourself from an academic horror story. Make sure you have a plan for your data before, during and after your project. This workshop will outline how a research data management plan gives you security in the long term and the opportunity to submit to all kinds of journals. With few clever additions, you can also make your data very attractive for re-use, resulting in more citations and research impact. We'll also show you STASH, the university's custom platform to plan and disseminate your research data.

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Getting Started with Data Visualisation and Infographics

Using data to tell stories is an essential communication skill for researchers. In this beginner’s session, the Library will present on the various ways in which you can explore and visualise data, from simple web applications through to complex code driven techniques. We offer workshops demonstrating both Tableau and PowerBI.

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Publishing & Metrics

These workshops target researchers that want to develop an understanding of how metrics work and also to develop strategies for promoting their work. The content is particularly useful for higher degree research students and early career researchers, but the advice is applicable to researchers at any stage of their career.

Maximise Your Researcher Profile

Maximise Your Researcher Profile
Researcher profiles are online identity tools that make it easy for funders, collaborators and colleagues to find you. They also ensure your work is properly attributed, removing author ambiguity, so that you can fully showcase your work.

In this workshop, we will identify which tools are best suited for your area, then we can help you set up identifiers and profiles in:

  • Scopus
  • Google Scholar
  • Researcher ID

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Develop your personal publishing strategy

Learn how to use citation metrics to publish strategically! We will show you how to use Scopus to identify potential places to publish and a number of tools to find journal metrics.

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Collaboration & Communication Tools

Learn about some of the tools that can help you with collaboration and communication, including online language tutorials and more.

Tools for English Language Improvement

Come learn about all the great resources UTS Library offers for improving your English language skills. This hands-on workshop is aimed at students that want to:

  • Prepare for IELTS
  • Improve their business communication
  • Prepare for the job-seeking process
  • Improve their vocabulary, grammar and writing
  • Improve their study skills including critical thinking

We offer online programs that you can access anytime, anywhere; some will even track your progress so you can see how far you've come! Learn more about these English Language resources on the UTS Library website.

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Chinese Workshops

These workshops are delivered in Mandarin and cover basic library research skills and also referencing.

使用RefWorks轻松建立参考文献 (RefWorks)


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使用EndNote轻松建立参考文献 (EndNote)


如果你想使用自己的笔记本电脑,请事先到图书馆的网站下载EndNote 软件(https://www.lib.uts.edu.au/help/referencing/endnote/download-endnote)。如果需要帮助,请提前10分钟到达,我们会指导你下载软件。

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