UTS Library

THE GREEN WEEK DEBATE – Thu, 5 Jun at 1pm

UTS Library and UTS Green

The bicycle is the most sustainable piece of engineering ever developed

UTS Green and UTS Library will be hosting an exciting Green Week Debate to celebrate World Environment Day.

World Environment Day celebrations have been an annual event since 1972. It is a vehicle through which the world is made aware of the environment and encouragement is made to stimulate positive action. It is on this day that as individuals we are made aware of our responsibilities to this planet and that we have the power to become agents for change.

World Environment Day is a day for people from all walks of life to come together to ensure a cleaner, greener and brighter outlook for themselves and future generations.

The theme for 2014 is: Raise your voice not the sea level

This year’s theme focuses on the challenges faced by Small Island Developing States, in particular climate change as global warming is causing ocean levels to rise at alarming rates. As global temperature warms, seawater expands and occupies more space threatening coastal communities with floods and storm surges, to which these small islands are the most exposed. Many of these islands’ inhabited areas and cultural sites are potentially in danger of being lost to rising sea-levels.

So to celebrate this day and in line with the theme we will be hosting a debate between the Faculty of Engineering and IT and the UTS Debating Society exploring the topic The bicycle is the most sustainable piece of engineering ever developed.

So bring your lunch and join us for what promises to be a high spirited and entertaining debate.

DATE: Thursday, 5 June
TIME: 1pm – 2pm
VENUE: Learning Commons, Level 3, City Campus Library

This is a free event.
All are welcome.
No RSVP or booking is required.

UTS: Green Week is from 2 to 6 June 2014.