UTS Library

LRS Update: Kuring-gai Campus Library

As you will know by now the Library Retrieval System (LRS) is up and running with the initial load of items from City Campus Library being completed ahead of schedule as reported in the City Campus Master Plan. To date over 600 items have been requested from the LRS and delivered to patrons.

Following a final consultation period with the relevant faculty Deans, Associate Deans and Heads of Schools, we are now ready to move on to the ingest of low-use items from the Kuring-gai Campus Library.

On 14 August we will commence moving the low-use items from Kuring-Gai Campus Library into the LRS. It is important to note that all normal Library services will be fully maintained during this move, which is expected to last less than two weeks. While in transit some books may be unavailable for up to 48 hours, however high-use print items as well as our electronic collections will be unaffected. If you should experience any difficultly accessing a particular item during this time, or require further information about the move, please contact the Library as you normally would or simply go to the Kuring-Gai Enquiries and Loans Desk on L4 for assistance.

Here are the main points about the move:

  • All normal Library services will be maintained during the movement of items from Kuring-Gai to the LRS.
  • All high-use items are remaining at Kuring-Gai Library. This includes Reading List and Curriculum (Teacher Education) material.
  • Any requests for journal articles from print journals that will be stored in the LRS will now be serviced by an online application that is followed by free scanning and email delivery of the article. This is an improvement over the current level of service.
  • Other items requested from the LRS (mostly books) will be delivered either on the same day or next business day, depending on the time of the request and Shuttle service departure times (Monday to Friday only).
  • We expect the movement of items to take less than two weeks and this will be followed by a few days to reconfigure the remaining collections and to remove unused shelves. With the resulting additional space we will be rearranging furniture to improve study spaces for both quiet individual study and group work.