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Beams falling

PM Newton, University of Technology Sydney

Beams Falling is PM Newton’s follow-up to her award-winning debut novel, The Old School.

On the inside, Detective Nhu 'Ned' Kelly is a mess. Stitched up after being shot, her brain's taking even longer to heal than her body. On the outside, though, she's perfect, at least as far as the top brass are concerned. Cabramatta is riding high on the new 'Asian crime wave', a nightmare of heroin, home invasions, and hits of all kinds, and the cops need a way into the world of teenaged dealers and assassins.

They think Ned's Vietnamese heritage is the right fit but nothing in Cabra can be taken at face value. Ned doesn't speak the language and the ra choi – the lawless kids who have 'gone out to play' – are just running rings around her. The next blow could come from anywhere, or anyone. And beyond the headlines and hysteria, Ned is itching to make a play for the kingpin, the person behind it all with the money and the plan and the power.

Sight lines : 2014 UTS writers' anthology

by UTS Students, University of Technology Sydney

Every day we encounter the unfamiliar. Yet there’s nothing so strange as to walk in another’s shoes. To gaze upon the world from their line of sight.

The UTS Writers’ Anthology is an annual publication produced by the University of Technology Sydney. Students from the undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs submit their work anonymously, and a student editorial committee selects and edits the Anthology over a period of four months. In 2014, from over 300 submissions, the committee selected 31 outstanding pieces.

Sight Lines is the twenty-eighth collection from the prestigious writing program at the University of Technology Sydney. It showcases fiction, memoir, scriptwriting and poetry from some of Australia’s most striking young voices.

Technology and touch : the biopolitics of emerging technologies

Anne Cranny-Francis, University of Technology Sydney

Technology and Touch addresses the development of a range of new touch technologies, both technologies that we reach out to touch (like iPhones and iPads) and technologies that touch us (such as new prosthetics, smart clothing and robots). Cranny-Francis explores how this development helps us to connect with and understand our world, and ourselves. This everyday practice, or biopolitics of touch, is exemplified in a range of art works that deploy touch and allow us to examine the nature of being and of meaning. Cranny-Francis also refers the biopolitics of touch to the study of new touch technologies, exploring their capacity to have us reflect on old fears and prejudices, as well as challenging our incorporation into technologies and networks that may be unethical or deeply compromised.

International volunteer tourism : integrating travellers and communities

Jane Godfrey, University of Technology Sydney
Stephen Wearing, University of Technology Sydney

This book revisits and further develops the topics and themes covered in Volunteer Tourism: Experiences That Make a Difference, written over 10 years ago. Concentrating on the experience of the volunteer tourist and the host community, this new edition builds on the view of volunteer tourism as a positive and sustainable form of tourism to examine a broader spectrum of behaviours and experiences and consider critically where the volunteer tourist experience both compliments and collides with host communities, using multiple case studies.