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Exhibition: Exploring Poster Design at the UTS Library - Tom Fethers

Hierarchy, Colour, Form & Typography:
Exploring Poster Design at the UTS Library

Tom Fethers // 2012–2014

A series of posters developed and designed by Tom Fethers (formerly the in-house designer for UTS Library). These posters are a cross-section of the events, debates, film screenings and exhibitions held by UTS Library over the past couple of years.

On display: Level 4, City Campus Library

“Designing for the UTS Library has meant that I haven’t had the typical “junior designer” upbringing. It has been refreshing working for an organisation that isn’t driven primarily by profit and that has resources (and is brave enough) to encourage playfulness in both its operations and communications. It has meant that this body of work is as much about my exploration of aesthetics and design as it is about the UTS Library and is truly a collaborative effort.”

Tom Fethers




The Branding and

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Susan, 6 years ago

The Branding and Communications of UTS Library has been extremely refreshing, playful, inspiring and relateable! Small features like the playful blackboard which invites guests to contribute to, the 6 transformable square logo of the llbrary, the new categories of the returns box, and print material, just to name a few, all have created a wonderfully dynamic intepretation of the library space - that is very relevant and modern... The classic image of the library as being studious, traditional, and strictly academic is not so relevant anymore especially to UTS which encourages creativity... I like this idea of the library being a sort of research and learning playground. The care and detail considered into how students are using the space, I also really appreciate: such as the bean bags under the staircase as a kind of small napping/chilling zone, the moveable furniture where students can create their own private hubs... I'm very excited to see how the library transforms further over the year particularly with the renovations happening! As a student also studying viscom - i just wanted to show my appreciation :)

Thank you Susan for the

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UTS Library, 6 years ago

Thank you Susan for the lovely feedback it is truly appreciated.

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