UTS Library

2014 Artists-in-Residence explore the communication possibilities in the LRS!

The Library Retrieval System, otherwise known as the LRS, is a state of the art automated underground storage and retrieval system for the majority of the UTS Library collection. Objects, including books and journals, are stored in 12,000 galvanised steel bins of four different heights. These objects are classified according to their spine height and may move to different bins as they are borrowed and then returned.

Little is known about the inter-relational communication between the objects whilst they are waiting to be requested. Given that they may only have their spine height in common, Elisa Lee and Adam Hinshaw, the 2014 UTS Library Artists-in-Residence, question what if the books could talk to each other? How do they “get to know” each other? How do they feel about being where they are? Is their knowledge and perspectives expanded by exposure to objects from other worlds?

Through additional state of the art technology and innovative research methodology, Lee and Hinshaw are undertaking a study to listen to these ‘conversations’ and map the real time movement of the objects residing within the LRS.

Blog: An Investigation of the Library Retrieval System.

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