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It's time to celebrate Open Access Week!

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Open Access Week: 22 October to 28 October 2012

The aim of Open Access is to create a movement towards free and immediate access to information and resources.

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UTS Library and Open Access (OA)

The UTS Library is committed to the principles of Open Access and supports Open Access in a number of important ways.

UTSePress Publishing

The UTS Library hosts and provides support services for the open access resources published by UTS ePRESS, the scholarly publishing arm of UTS.

UTS ePRESS is Australasia’s leading publisher of open access peer reviewed journals. UTS ePRESS currently publishes 17 open access journal titles (including 2 student journals) covering a wide range of disciplines including governance, international studies, literacy, history, law, and society and social justice as well as a number of OA ebooks and conference proceedings.

The UTS Library hosts UTS ePRESS, a growing repository of UTS created research works. The UTS Library checks the copyright for these publications to provide free online access to as many as possible. This not only upholds the “public good” principle of OA by making publicly funded research findings freely  available, it also highlights and increases the impact of the University’s research outputs.

UTS ePRESS also provides open access to UTS postgraduate theses and “grey literature”, such as scholarly reports, papers, presentations and other digital material not published elsewhere.

UTSePress is increasingly providing open access to special digital collections of cultural and historical value. The UTS Library works with researchers to enable access to these collections by providing expert advice, support services and technical skills.


The UTS Library collaborates with Australian and international institutions and organisations to facilitate, promote and support Open Access.

The Library is the NSW Node of the Australian Data Archive and manages the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Data Archive (ATSIDA). Both archives provide access to research data, under appropriate protocols and conditions.

The Library participates in the Public Knowledge Project, an international collaboration based at Simon Fraser University in Canada, which promotes Open Access to publicly-funded research. Through the PKP, the UTS Library is also a development partner for the most widely used international suite of open access publishing software: Open Journal System, Open Conference System and Open Monograph Press.