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Food for Fines Results: Over 1800 items donated!

Food for Fines

Thank you to all those people who participated in our recent Food for Fines initiative. This was our best year yet, with over 1800 food items donated to Mission Australia!

Shane Sturgiss, program manager from Missionbeat, said the following:

“The donations have been well received and greatly appreciated. At the same time as receiving your food donation, Missionbeat also received a large donation of hygiene items from Westpac as part of their Missionbeat Outreach launch.”

Missionbeat sorted the food items, and ready-to-eat products such as muesli bars, tins with pull rings, juice packs and snack food are being given out to the rough sleepers of Sydney.

All other items were packed into ‘tenancy starter packs,’ and are being given to previously homeless clients who have gained accommodation through the Sydney Homeless Early Intervention Service and Missionbeat Outreach Service.

“The combination of the food and hygiene donations have created the tenancy starter packs with each client being given a box of items consisting of cereal, long life milk, tin food, pasta/rice and canned vegetable/fruit as well as toiletry items,” Shane explained.

Thanks again to all staff and students who contributed! We look forward to continuing the program this year.

Food for Fines Collected